Mosman House Video #2 - Client Interview

If you haven’t already done so, treat yourself to the latest video we’ve uploaded on our website and YouTube channel . Kathy, the owner of the stunning Mosman custom home build shares her experience building with Chateau, her favourite space as well as her favourite feature of the newly build house.

Here is the transcript of the video:

"Welcome back to our beautiful home designed by Guy De Compiegne and built by Chateau Architects and Builders."

"When we bought the block of land and the plan was always to build a new home. We elected to use Chateau Architects + Builders after being recommended to them by a friend after going and seeing some homes that they had previously built and being impressed not only by the quality of the build but also by the experiences of the build that those owners described."

Mosman House Backyard

"We had a very positive experience building our house with Chateau. We always felt very welcome on site; we had site meetings every week; and we were very lucky in terms of the two site managers that we had in the fact that they were outstanding. Both [site managers impressed us with] their building experience and their attention to detail."

"We love pretty much everything about our house and if anyone were to ask if we would change anything, probably the answer would be no. The most enjoyable [space] is the kitchen having never had a large spacious kitchen before. It’s a great house for entertaining yet it's a great house for sitting at home watching a movie."

Kitchen Island

"We're very happy with the whole build experience and we love the design. I think it's quite a unique design and it's designed taking the topography of the land into account and I think it's quite unusual having the curved zinc roof."

"One of the things I love about the house is having a gas fireplace. I love the fact that it is a gas fireplace, I don't need to set the fire and clean up after the fire. Even though it only provides radiant heat it really warms the whole living room and makes it feel very welcoming and it's lovely to sit there and read a book."


"I would highly recommend Chateau to any friend of mine to build their home. We love living in our new home. Life is easy; it’s bright, it’s beautiful, it's easy to maintain. It was a pleasant experience."

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