Top 4 Tips to Keep Warm This Winter

We are a team of architects and builders who design homes to be luxurious as well as being energy efficient through utilizing natural light, insulating building materials, and double glazed windows to name a few. Unfortunately, not everyone is in the position to design a new dream home so these energy efficient measures are near impossible to implement in an established house or apartment.

Large windows allows warm sunshine in during the day

To be of help to those that want to stay warm this winter, here are our top 5 tips:

1.    Seal up gaps and cracks that let in the cold air – If you have enough small gaps and cracks around your home letting cool air in, it may well add up to the size of a small window open 24/7, which consequently, can account up to 15-20% heat loss in your home. Seal up cracks using a Gap Filler and fill up gaps around a door with weather stripping, both can be sourced from your local home improvement store. For those gaps at the bottom of a door, the purchase of a simple door snake will stop that right away!

2.    Close off any rooms that are not in use – Why heat areas of the house that are not in use? If you close off the rooms that aren’t being occupied, you can not only keep a smaller space warm but you will save on energy expenses in the long run!

3.    Allow sunshine to fill a room – If you have north facing windows, open the blinds and let some beautiful sunshine warm the room up during the day.

4.    Use heavy curtains to stop heat escaping – Up to 40% of the heat escaping from your home in winter is from uncovered windows. Heavy, lined curtains which extend below the window frame will keep warm air in by insulating them.

Heavy curtains retains the warmth indoors in the evening

There you have it, some handy hints on how to keep warm this cool winter from Chateau Architects and Builders. If you are in a position to think about building your dream designer home, call us today on (02) 9634 6888!