Three Winning Trends for 2016

As another year begins, people reflect and begin to plan how they will shape the year to fit their goals and aspirations. A new year, a fresh start, a new home!

There are lots of plans in place, with people looking to build and design their new designer home. To keep you on trend, we look at winning luxury home trends for 2016.

Bringing The Outside In

One of the big trends for this year includes finding ways to creatively and naturally integrate your home design with the outside. For those who don't reside in the green busy areas of New South Wales, or the scenic coastal areas of Sydney, there is more to 'bringing the outside in' than just making the most of the view. Other ways nature can feature include internal gardens, which provide a sense of tranquility. Of course the use of beautifully glazed windows can completely open up a space, and make common rooms such as the lounge room feel like an alfresco area. As with our award winning custom home build, Wahroonga House (pictured).

Award winning Wahroonga House

 Award winning Wahroonga House


Throughout 2016 and in many works we have seen much of the design head back to basics. Timber appearing in many home designs, even in places you may not expect. One such place is in the bathroom. Natural finishes such as shelving and sills crafted from timber give rooms a more natural look.

Beautiful exposed beams are a stunning feature in homes also. Other hot areas include staircases, rails, floorboards and of course decking. Images taken from our 2015 HIA award winning 'Mosman Home'. 

2015 HIA award winning Mosman Home


2015 HIA award winning Mosman Home


Technology & Home Blend


Our lives are at home, and the technology we use that continues to make them easier and more comfortable continue to integrate. New home designs, and especially those on the more luxurious side of town are about the total home feel and experience. How can we use technology to tie in seamlessly with home design. Increasingly, we want homes that are cooled by the time we get home with top of the rain air conditioning systems [we also want them well designed to make use of natural light/heat, but that's a no-brainer].  The contemporary kitchen stays, with hideaway disposable rubbish systems, top of the range appliances including 'hidden fridges'. Home theatres, and state of the art home viewing systems in lounge rooms can be carefully hidden away, so that the space is fluid - with everything you need just at your fingertips.

Images feature our beautiful designer build, St Ives Home. 

Stunning Home Build - St Ives Home


Luxury Home Design - St Ives Home


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