Mosman House Adding Services and Stormwater to the Home

A job is never really done until the finishing touches are in place. After extensive work with our beautiful custom build in Mosman, it was time to get the foundations ready for a few other integral features, namely; the storm water and connecting up the services to the new home build!

Mosman House - finishing the pool

Starting things off, the pool walls needed to be core filled, as well as waterproofed, drainage and then back filled. After this process, we could then concentrate on the front works.
Mosman House - backfilling the pool walls
What on earth are front works we hear you ask? The front works included the installation of 3x 10000L EconoCycle water tanks that will never be seen, as they have been strategically located underneath the driveway. This soon-to-be-hidden feature of this luxury home will provide decades of use from nature's finest resource - water. The wastewater collection unit works on the combined principles of primary setting plus aerobic and tertiary treatment to ensure excellent plant growth for your garden when used for irrigation. You can see them in the following image.

Mosman House - Rainwater Tanks
Water is cleverly captured, by draining off the roof into the three storage tanks. It is then stored and run into the home for the use in toilets as well as external taps, and irrigation of the garden and lawn. This is a creative and sustainable initiative to consciously preserve water. As a standard, Chateau Architect and Builders use an upgraded pump that is strong enough to use for irrigation purposes with a guarantee that it will work for many years, should the client require it.

The team then begun ever-important process of constructing the driveway, garage foundations and connecting the home up to power and services for this stunning Mosman build. Chateau Architects and Builders always use the most efficient and effective means to get the job done, with minimal fuss and maximum satisfaction.

Mosman House - Services trench
We have then also specifically engineered and designed the driveway so that it can run over these tanks. Following this, all of the primary service to the home including services to the power, water, gas, Telstra were included and enabled. You can see a snapshot of this delicate process below.

Then the garage slab was formed up and poured, and the block work to the garage, laid. As you can see below, the sturdy concrete slab contains many steel reinforced bars, sitting on plastic chairs at various heights, to provide a solid foundation for the garage.

Mosman House - Garage slab construction
It was important that close attention be paid, and these works were efficiently coordinated as there was absolutely no extra room on site for movement and to store the materials.
Access has always needed to be kept, for works still to continue inside the home. Another job well done by the team! Getting there… we're almost done!

Mosman House - Before the garage slab being laid

Mosman House - After the garage slab has been laid

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