Moving in time A checklist from Sydney Builders

It's here! You've collaborated with your architect and builders, and have survived the construction process - In one piece.

It's easy to be overwhelmed with errands and responsibilities. Moving is no easy feat, so here's a list of 10 things to remember. You can tick off as you go:

1. Have you remembered to: arrange connection of your telephone (you can organise for cabling to be carried out during construction), gas and electricity

2. Did you advise the Water Corporation of your move?

3. Have local government been informed?

4. Did you have your post re-directed?

5. Notify the RTA and have the address on your vehicle and drivers licences changed

6. Be sure to arrange and organise house and contents insurance

7. The electoral office also needs to be notified

8. Notify any of the following as applicable:

- bank or building society

- employer

- Medicare

- Insurance companies

- Solicitor

- Accountant

- Professional associations

- Clubs

- Schools

9. Contact your internet provider and determine if you can transfer the connection to your new address

10. Check if you can receive pay-TV in your new area, and arrange to have it installed.


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