Keep your luxury home in tip-top shape

Top tips to keep your luxury home in tip-top shape

Luxury home builders Chateau Architects and Builders share some stand-out tips to help you maintain your brand new luxury home.

There's a lot that goes into the planning and construction of a new dream home.

The vision - once like a mirage in the distance - becomes a reality. Bricks and mortar become your home, and the family moves in. 

Once the dream has been realised, seasonal maintenance becomes a vital part to keeping your home and surrounding property looking its best. Of equal importance is the need to ensure your home is protected from seasonal threats such as bushfire.

Ensuring that those extra special features that make your home unique are also kept in peak operating condition.

As the summer months wrap up and we sadly begin the decent into cooler temperatures here are some of the things you can start
to think about actioning:


        1. Repair and clean rain gutters and drains
        2. Conduct smoke and carbon monoxide detectors testing
        3. Conduct an inspection of  window glazing and caulking
        4. Inspect and service your furnace


        1. Inspect grout and caulk in tubs and showers
        2. Cover or store away air conditioning units
        3. Apply a deep clean treatment to your dishwasher
        4. Optimise insulation; Close exterior crawl space vents
        5. Pack away outdoor furnishings and tools
        6. Replacement of furnace filters
        7. Flush all drains with equal parts baking soda and vinegar


        1. Inspect the roof and chimney
        2. Repair torn screens
        3. Clean gutters and downspouts
        4. Touch up damaged paint
        5. Wash windows inside & out and inspect seals
        6. Vacuum dust from refrigerator coils
        7. Fertilise lawn
        8. Test smoke & carbon monoxide detectors
        9. Clear out water-tanks


        1. Remove brush within 20 metres from the house and other structures to reduce fire risk
        2. Open exterior crawl space vents
        3. Clean dryer and exhaust vents
        4. Check the condition of your air conditioning unit/install
        5. Flush hot water heater

It's a great idea to think about creating a maintenance schedule to keep track of important tasks. For those who are more 'tech savvy' using google calendar, or your iphone for example is a great way to help you keep on track.

Preventive maintenance always reduces the need for costly repairs to your home further down the line.

Chareau Architects and builders are leading luxury builders in Sydney. If you have an idea or vision for your new dream home, get in touch with our specialist team and we can set in motion the steps and process to making it happen.