A successful night at the 2019 NSW MBA Excellence in Housing Awards Night for us at Chateau Architects + Builders!

🏆 2019 'MBA Winner - 🏆
‘Design & Construct' - Pymble House

🏆 2019 'MBA Winner 🏆
‘Pool & Spa' - Oatlands House

Here's what Roderick and Alex McDonald had to say after Chateau took our TWO WINS on the night:

"When they called our name out, [we were] a little bit surprised, excited and very happy for our clients more than anything who had joined us today at this awards event.

"The project was at Telegraph Road, Pymble where there was a difficult council.

"We had a few hurdles to jump but we did it successfully.

"Our client is a builder as well, and he looked around and chose us which [made us feel] very privileged.

"We work in Design + Construct so we work right the way through from initial concept, all the way through to completion and interior design and, at the end of the day, it all paid off.

"We are happy for them, and happy for us.

"It's wonderful what the MBA does, to give back and to bring awareness to what we all do. Anyone who's a builder or designer knows that it is a lot of hard work - it's all about hard work.

"It [the association] really is a wonderful thing, and yes we will keep coming back again and again.

"It's also a wonderful recognition, not only of the design but also of the people working behind the scenes, the people in the office, the designers, the draftsmen, the estimators, the supervisors, the trades, suppliers - everyone who works on every home - a real collaborative effort.

"We're doing the right thing.

"One last thing I might add, it makes it easy when you've got a client with great taste. The clients did have great taste and that made the whole process easier.

We'll be back next year!"


Here at Chateau, we are very proud of our craft and encourage working with the client in every step of the process, from start to finish, to achieve the perfect end result of a custom luxury home for the client.

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