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Chateau Architects + Builders Unique Process To Streamline The Custom Home Build


We will meet with you on your site (or one you are considering purchasing) to identify the various opportunities, limitations and general development potential the site offers. We will discuss the likely site costs, explain our process in more detail and answer any questions you may have for us. Sharing your vision, lifestyle needs, wish-list and budget with us at this very early stage will allow us to promptly determine the feasibility of your project. This service is cost and obligation free, providing you with a valuable early insight as to what options exist for you.


This Stage focuses on information gathering and includes: obtaining Council’s latest DCP and LEP, purchasing a ‘Section 149’ certificate, a Topographical Survey (to the value of $1,650) and a “dial before you dig” report, assessing site suitability for Complying Development, researching zoning requirements, site visits, photos, liaising with or meetings at Council or with professional consultants such as planners, certifiers, hydraulic engineers, geotechnical engineers, arborists and the like, obtaining fee proposals if requested (eg. demolition, tree removal etc), a formal meeting at our office to further develop your brief, discuss feasibility and so on. All of this is necessary before informed architectural design works should commence. A nominal fee is charged to cover our outgoings and costs during this stage, deducted from the contract tender sum should you proceed to a construction contract.


During this stage, we will prepare initial concept sketches and develop your design in accordance with your ongoing feedback, budget and brief. Our architects design in consultation with our cost consultant and builders also, to ensure cost effective solutions are utilised and improved build-ability. Once your design has been developed to a sufficient level of detail, we will prepare a preliminary estimate of the cost of your home which will then inform ongoing design development, with amendments regularly monitored for priced to ensure your project remains affordable. On completion of this stage you will have a fully developed design and a fixed price tender which comprehensively specifies all of the proposed finishes, fittings and inclusions throughout your home. A nominal fee is charged to contribute towards the cost of creating the drawings, the remainder borne by us on the basis you may later engage us to build your home. This fee is deducted from the contract tender should you proceed to a construction contract.


During this stage, we will prepare the documentation required for submission of a Development Application (DA) to Council or for a Complying Development Certificate (CDC) to a Principal Certifying Authority (PCA). Once submitted to Council/PCA we regularly monitor the progress of the application, liaise as necessary with the assessing officers and address any issues that may otherwise delay a timely assessment or compromise its approval. A deposit commensurate with the cost to prepare all standard documents required for DA submission is charged to cover our outgoings, deducted from the contract tender sum should you proceed to a construction contract.


At the beginning of this stage we prepare all of the documentation that forms the Construction Contract between you and Chateau. All fees paid by you to date are included in the contract tender sum and there are no additional fees charged for this stage. Once documentation is complete and the Construction Contract is signed, work usually commences on site within one to two weeks. Once construction commences, ongoing architectural services continue to ensure the design integrity of your home. This includes visual inspections at critical stages, clarification of details, meetings with clients as required and resolution of any additional design matters that may arise. On completion of the build we undertake a final inspection of the home with you, to familiarise you with the correct use of all machinery, equipment and appliances and to present you with all of your warranties. We revisit the home again after 3 months to perform any ‘touch-up’ or maintenance work if required and to address any questions you may have.


  Custom Home Building Process

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