TESTIMONIAL: Riverview House


What a blast from the past - trusted by our clients for a decade after we handed over the keys to Steve and Leanne's Riverview custom home! We do love a testimonial but this one really it home for the Chateau family. Ten years may seem like a long time but whether your home was built by Chateau in 2017 or 2007, we will share the same care and attention to detail.

"We built with Chateau 10 years ago ( 2007 ) and are delighted with the terrific condition our home is in after that time. 

After the recent heavy rain, we noticed a water leak in our home.  I called Chateau and Alex was around the next day, sorted the problem out (leaves had filled the gutter due to my lack of maintenance!) and provided advice on what we need to do to stop a recurrence.  And as usual, Alex wouldn’t charge us for his time."

Can’t think of too many firms that would provide this level of service, 10 years after building a home.  Thank you to Alex and the Chateau team."

Steve and Leanne W. (Riverview)" 

P.S. Merry Christmas to you all!"

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