Residential Architects advise tips for luxury home move

At Chateau Architects and Builders, there's nothing we love more then handing the keys over to a completed project, a realised dream, your luxury home. But before you begin to curate the dream on the inside and move in, here’s some things you should think about doing first.

1.Deep clean

Following construction, Chateau ensures that all material is cleared from your property, allowing you truly to start with a clean slate. In any case given the amount of work and foot-traffic through the property during construction months, it does pay to invest in a first-rate cleaning surface to ensure windows are crystal clear, all dust is removed and the place smells good enough to live in.

2.Security first… but don't get locked out!

Ensure all copies keys are back in your keeping and accounted for. Enable your security system, but be sure to write down or find a way to remember all passwords! Consider also who is trustworthy enough to be custodian of spare keys in emergencies. You would be surprised how many new home owners manage to lock themselves out of their brand new homes.

3.Sort out the moving basics

Certainly it pays to hire reputable removalist help - remember also to keep an inventory of your valuables, there are quite a few apps and software options around. Don't forget some of the other moving basics like changing utilities, setting up your internet service and changing your old address to new for postage.

4. Consider your home inspection report, a checklist

For new homebuyers, you can use your home inspection report to create a move-in preparation checklist. Look at the advice and repair suggestions and us them to create a spreadsheet of sorts that can plan out your ‘to dos’ so they don’t overwhelm you.

5.Measure & plan

If you're moving from a home full of furniture and well, life, then finding the best place for all of your prized pieces can be a bit like tetris. Make sure you measure your new spaces to determine if your current furniture and artworks will work in your new home. You might like to take pictures of the room or videos. Or vice versa, stand in your new rooms with pictures of your furniture to get a good feel. Another point to consider is placement of electrical outputs, lights, windows and doorways. Having a plan in place will also help with moving. Anything that is no longer suitable can be sold, or given a new home… which saves having to move it in the first instance.

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