Mosman House: Construction of the Pool

Have you ever tried to design a front or back yard yourself? If so, you know it is difficult not only because of the blood, sweat and tears involved but also the lack of design inspiration and innovative landscaping. So what do you do? Well many people have found success in removing the stress and worry by using Chateau Architects and Builders to design and construct a custom luxury home from start to finish. We thought it would be best to show you a stage of the process with our lovely designer pool for our Mosman build.

With the external cladding and painting of the house completed and the scaffolding removed, the beautiful front face to the designer home has been unveiled that anybody would be proud of. Initially, the front footing and the tiered gardens bed walls needed to be constructed which provides a boundary to the north of the pool. Once these walls were erected, it was time for the team to begin works on excavation for the pool itself which was tough work to say the least!


With the pool to be built, some big machinery in the form of an excavator to level the grounds was brought in to do the job. Where the pool was supposed to lie in was made of solid bedrock, so an excavator with a rock saw attachment was required to cut the rock into blocks that could be removed, to form the space for the pool itself. It appeared as though our team had everything against them that week with what appeared to be torrential rain which inevitably slowed works down. Fortunately, with the Chateau Architects and Builders, and Crystal Pools supervisors on site, we managed to remain on target with minimal delays due to their superb time management!



The idea was that the prestige pool was to be a feature of the home and it needed to be seen from all angles from the house. Large safety glass panels were used by both the upper and lower ground floors so the owners can possibly supervise young children still learning how to be the next Australian Olympian. The pool itself has been designed and built by Chateau’s preferred pool contractor Crystal Pools , who have a solid reputation for building designer pools for over 50 years all over Sydney.



Work has also begun on the driveway, stormwater and services to the house. Fortunately, there was better weather for the driveway as there was for the pool.

Just another day in the life of a custom home builder!

About Chateau Architects and Builders:
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