The Exterior of your Home Matters

Chateau Architects and Builders apply a holistic approach to the custom home design process. What that means is that we place great importance and emphasis on every single aspect for the design process – and this includes of cousre the home exterior, yard, decking and who to perfectly utilize any existing natural features of a property.

To take a closer look at what we mean, you can visit our gallery of custom built homes. (Include link to the page).

There are some key design elements that we consider determining the best use of space, colours and other features of an outdoor space. Worth a read through if you are at the stage of starting to envision how you would like your home to appear from the outside. Let’s dive in shall we:

1. First things first – The entrance to your home
Why is this one so important? Well because the entry is usually the focal point to your home. You want it to reflect your desired architectural style, look great, and create a sense of appeal for visitors – and of for the family coming home at the end of a long day!

2. Colours, Textures and Materials for days..
Federation colours, feature walls anyone? Stainless steel, rendering and beautiful timbers. These aspects of your home combined will serve to create the overall visual impact of your home. The trick here is to combine aesthetics with durability, and of course keeping in mind the all-important budget. Getting the balance right will create all the difference.

3. Cat on a hot tin roof?
Picture one of your favourite homes in your mind.. Now try to remove the roof from that mental image. What you may find is that for the most stunning homes, the roof is an added feature that essentially ‘seals the deal’. Obviously you want to keep your home cool and protected, as well as keep maintenance as low as possible. But you can also use color, materials and style to create impact. Slated tiles remain the most popular, but there are many newcomers on the market to discuss too.

4.     Landscaping
Landscaping is so much more then planning your garden. It’s about how to best utilise the space and existing flora to maximize the overall feel that you would like to achieve outdoors. We work with a great selection of landscapers, and suggest you take your time to find a landscaper who can really work to deliver your desired outcome. Use your imagination – veggie gardens are increasingly popular, and separated retaining walls used to highlight different sections of your garden can also work well.

5.     How does it shine in the dark?
Outdoor lighting is impotent from two key angles: first of all you want to be able to have the functionality to use the space outside in such a way that suits our family when the sun goes down. Will you need to access entertaining space, tennis court or pool area, washing and other pathways. How about the entry to your home using both the front and back entries. Secondly; I’m sure there’s some examples of contemporary homes that are beautifully lit at night. Getting the lighting right can create a dramatic affect. It’s important to choose styles and fittings that compliment the architectural style of your home